Who Are We?

We are LiLa's Way.

We are Cheryl and Gordon, and we want to help to end the stigma surrounding mental health for everyone, including those in the armed forces. 

Especially as we both have personal experiences.

Gordon spent 15 years serving in the British Army, joining at just 16 years old. He has been all over the world on many tours including, Iraq, Afghanistan, The Falkland Islands and Northern Ireland. This has affected his mental health and like many of his comrades, he was diagnosed with PTSD.

Although Gordon was treated for PTSD, he is still affected by his mental health.

Cheryl has also been affected by mental illness, watching her mum battle with severe illness and then being diagnosed with anxiety and depression after the loss of their son.

Which brings us on to....

      Why LiLa's Way?

In 2016, Cheryl and Gordon's twins, Lily and Lachlan, were born. They were extremely premature, born at 25 weeks.

After a long stay in hospital with many complications, Lily came home and lives a healthy and happy life.

Lachlan, however, was just too small and too sick.

He joined the angels at almost 6 months old.

So, our aim is to help others with motivation to fight on every day. To feel empowered and to raise awareness of mental health within the Armed Forces.

This is how LiLa's Way was born.

          We hope you love it!